Monday, July 28, 2008

If You are a TERRORIST, You are LOSING your War!

This clearly turns out to be different from what I have expressed in the Bangalore Rockz post: "Blast Me if You Can"! They are Blasting India. 16 blasts in a day in one city! And that too close on the heals of Bangalore. Reports indicate targetting of BJP-ruled states.

People dying is not unfortunate. People are born to die. But the ideology that drives the killings is disturbing. This is sheer desperation; and I pity those who are weak. Weakness is Living Death. Death is Natural; "Living death" is a Curse!

I would become desperate if I lose all my strength and conviction; if I fail to find a way out with my own will and action. I would never want to be reduced to an insignificant living being that has given up all hope and resorted to terrorism or suicide.

To resort to terroirism and to commit suicide are the same. Both are extreme measures when every source of hope has dried away, every ounce of strength has got drained away. One commits suicide when one does not see even a remote possibility of a distant hope. The same is the case with terrorism; one resorts to it if one has anger but not a way to channelise it. Anger without a way out will lead either to suicide or to homicide. Any such act is the height of desperation, sign of one's being reduced to lifelessness.

If you have anger, if you have seen injustice, if you have found the system a heap of shit, if you have always been on the receiving end, FIGHT IT! Get yourself together, channelise your anger. That would be the power that brings about change. It is this focussed anger that is needed to being about the much-needed Revolution.

Die for a cause! But to waste one's life away in desperation, to kill unrelated people just for a base for dialogue or to make people listen to your stories and miseries makes you look mean and weak and starved and debilitated.

I am not bothered about the death tolls. I am bothered about the weakness in the minds. It doesn't take a series of blasts to rattle the weak; and making people feel insecure serves no purpose of yours, that drives your deeds of violence. It takes tough minds to change the world. Terrorism buries your ideologies beneath the heaps of corpses that have already perished to terror. You get lost among the tonnes of bones and blood and flesh that have already spilled all over the place.

Terrorism is a losing battle. You waste your vital energy when you give in to it. Your purpose becomes self-defeating and you can never win. Fight it - with sense, focus and determination. Wars have never been won in a rage!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where Anarchy is better than Democracy!

We all know of how bad the boys behaved out there in the Parliament. And if they could put up such a show to be telecast live, one could imagine how much of an activity must have gone on behind the scenes. Discussions, disagreements, conspiracies, bribes, body shopping, mind games, barter exchanges . . . so much planning, so many suitcases of currencies, so many thugs involved . . . intricacies, intimidations, bargains . . . whewww . . . must have been quite a hectic period for all our neighbourhood politicians.
But coming to think of these guys who claim to be representing us, the humble law-abiding and law-breaking citizens and netizens, it makes one exclaim how truly they live up to the term "Elected Representatives"! I mean, do they really represent the sentiments of the senseless voters who made them Kings? Talk of this whole worthless, stupid, obnoxious episode of "No Trust" motion. I, as a citizen who plays a role in putting these mindless vacuum's amidst the power centres, ask my representatives one simple question: When did I ask you to move such a motion against a Government that I elected? Did I ask for instability in governance at this point in time?
If I appoint my representative to present my organisation to my client, I would kick his backside if he misbehaves in the client's place. And what have these guys done? They have been indulging in "Insider Trading", "Horse Trading", "Ass Trading"and what not! I would want to dismiss my whole organisation at one go! I can run my show without any of them. I would rather be a "One Man Show" than hiring goonda's for my team!
And what's with those numbers, my revered writers of the Constitution? Were your minds out of place when you put those clauses there? One number up, he wins; one number down, he loses. Two guys abstain, the nation's history reads something else. Heck! Is this some Play school that you were running before you were delegated with this unenviable chore of drafting the sacrosanct collection of letters and words called the "Constitution"?
In these days of hectic parlays, how many minutes would our representatives really have thought about the country, the roads, the infrastructure, the poor, the down-trodden . . . about anything that would constitute the very purpose of their being where they are? I wouldn't know, our people wouldn't know, none of our representatives would know either.
Coming to think of our country as one huge organisation, I can't help wondering what it would be like to have my own organisation filled with all sorts of people at the top, who never knew what "peaceful co-existence" is! Imagine my company chairman, its CEO, Board of Directors, Chief Operating Officer, Techincal Director, Finance Director, Purchase Manager and HR Chief trying to emulate what our Kingpins have been doing! Blaming, fighting, bargaining, buying out, selling out, having no Trust, taking no responsibility, being reckless, childish, stupid, arrogant, self-serving . . . I would definitely want my company closed down NOW!
In short, I want my Representatives to be sacked! I want my office to be closed. Hang the Parliament - and anyone else who is adamant on staying in it. And I'm sure that will not be the end of life. Being without rulers is better than being ruled by self-serving, conniving foxes. And ultimately, a rule will emerge. We can fight it out and can come up with a game plan. We dont need representatives to do the fighting for us!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Blast Me If You Can - Bangalore ROCKZ!

I welcome the new kids on the Block. And congrats on your new attempt.

You were always epected here. But I actually thought you would be less amateurish and more professional. Not amateurish, it was childish. No, perhaps, it was stupid. Or, rather, it was ridiculous. Yes, you are not kids, but are fools. Fools to the extent of being labelled demented.

Do you seriously think all that you could plan was a few crackers along roadsides? A few months late, folks would have mistaken you for some Diwali celebrations!

The next time, plan something solid. Make it big. Taste blood.

If you cant, climb up one of the towers in UB City and jump. You would make better news then!