Friday, May 18, 2007

Never Say Die!

What I need is a change in the system. What could change the system are the people. And what need to be changed is actually, the people.

What an irony it is that change comes in a vicious circle! To let this go on and on in an infinite indefinite loop is bliss! Yes, Ignorance is bliss.

We have a bomb blast in Hyderabad, we have a showdown in Punjab, and a harmless opinion poll turns disastrous for some innocent souls in Tamil Nadu. What could be done but be hapless witnesses of the series of unfortunate events that life is!

But to resign to fate and to keep watching is ignominy! Better would be to shut the self down and walk out. Or, fight it out and die – Die Hard!

Zero-Tolerance is where it all begins. It’s my life – it’s my game. I win it or you lose it. We form rigid boundaries around ourselves that raise an alarm at the slightest violation. But when it comes to my space? Why would I want to grow larger than life? Why would I want to stamp on every other life? Why can’t I just live and let live?

Easier said than done – and to say would be of no relevance if not done. To preach the principles of symbiosis and non-violence has its limits. What is needed is something more than just preaching. Spreading the message in your neighbourhood is all fine – but when countered with a more compelling message, the well-meaning thought gets lost.

What is needed is a change in the system – and people form the system. Live a loser – or, Die Hard!